How to Program a Robot with Natural Language: A Lab Course

  • Author:

    Mathias Landhäußer 

  • Date: 09.02.2017
  • “Program this LEGO robot. But using English, not Java!” - an impossible task? Not for the participants of our lab course “Natural Language Processing in Software Engineering”! They developed a compiler that reads plain English and emits Java code to program the robot. Using computer linguistic tools, they built an NLP pipeline. Mapping the English text elements to (runnable) Java code is at the heart of the compiler. In the final assignment, two teams of students guided the robot through an (previously unknown) parcours with natural language commands.


The video shows how the robot moves through the parcours based on its English program. Doing that, he must follow lines, detect objects and interact with them. Left to and above the main video you can see the pipeline stages and how they analyze the sentences to produce code.




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