International Working Group Software Engineering for Parallel Systems (SEPARS) Meeting 2015 @ Siemens Corporate Technology

  • Date: 27.01.2015


This year's SEPARS meeting 2015 was hosted by Urs Gleim on January, 27th at Siemens Corporate Technology in Munich. The meeting was well received with over 30 attendees from the parallel research community and industry. The hottest topic this year was the appropriate support to assist software engineers in the tedious and time-consuming parallelization tasks.

SEPARS board members

The member board was newly constituted. It consist of the following six persons (from left to right):

  • Prof. Dr. Michael Gerndt, Technical University Munich (TUM)
  • Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Karl, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
  • Urs Gleim, Siemens Corporate Technology (Siemens CT, chairman)
  • Korbinian Molitorisz, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
  • Prof. Dr. Walter F. Tichy, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
  • Prof. Dr. Sebastian Hack, Saarland University


10.30am - 10.50am: Welcome. (Urs Gleim, Siemens)
10.50am - 11.30am: Keynote: Industrial Multicore Migration. (Dr. Thomas Zander, Siemens)
11.30am - 12.05am: Pattern-based Parallelization of Sequential Software. (Korbinian Molitorisz, KIT)

12:05am - 12:20pm: Coffee break

12.20pm - 12.50pm: DiscoPoP: Strike the Right Chord in Discovering the Potential Parallelism. (Dr. Ali Jannesari, GRS RWTH Aachen)

01.00pm - 02.00pm: Lunch break

01.30pm - 02.00pm: Multicore Meets Simplicity: Programming Heterogeneous MPSoC. (Max Odendahl, RWTH Aachen/Silexica)
02.00pm - 02.30pm: SEPARS Organization and Elections of Board Members.
02.30pm - 03.00pm: Heterogeneous Parallel Architectures: Programmability, Virtualization, Adaption. (Dr. Wolfgang Karl, KIT)

03.00pm - 03.15pm: Coffee break

03.15pm - 03:35pm: AnyDSL: Mapping High-Performance Codes to CPUs and GPUs through Partial Evaluation. (Dr. Sebastian Hack, Saarland University

03.35pm - 04.00pm: Development of Embedded Multicore Systems with EMB². (Dr. Tobias Schüle, Siemens)
04.00pm - 04.30pm: Update on Current and Planned Proposals for Publicly Funded Projects. (All)

04.30pm - 05.00pm: Wrap Up