Computers Learn to Understand Natural Language - IPD Tichy at CeBIT 2017

  • Author:

    Mathias Landhäußer 

  • Date: 20.03.2017
  • IPD Tichy's spinoff thingsTHINKING develops an artificial intelligence understanding text and thus helping find deficiencies in technical documents.

    Natural language is a revolution in man/machine interaction. Machine learning, statistics, and other approaches will not overcome the obstacles in communication between man and computer as long as machines do not understand the meaning of language, but try to grasp it by a mathematical or statistical approach. Unlike common natural language processing methods, the software understands the semantics of natural language.


thingsTHINKING understands, processes, and uses semantic concepts and, hence, can be applied in many ways, e.g. for Industry 4.0, in software production or by consulting companies. Future customer service might be improved by virtual assistants or legal-tech solutions might help interpret contracts.

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