Self-Adaptive Software

Lehrinhalt During the first few weeks of the semester, students wll read their papers and prepare their presentations. The presentations will be packaged into larger sessions, each spanning several presentations and discussions. Students will show preliminary versions of their work at an early stage, to get advice and avoid overload towards the end of course.
Kurzbeschreibung In the seminar, we´ll study fundamental and recent research papers in self-adaptive software. We are particularly interested in understanding the software engineering technology that is needed for building self-adaptive software. This includes:
  • Architecture of self-adaptive software;
  • self-adaptive middleware;
  • specifications of self-adaptive software;
  • tools and frameworks for developers;
  • prototype implementations.
Zielgruppe all Master`s program
  • Reading and understanding a primary paper about the topic;
  • acquiring and understanding supplemental material from secondary sources;
  • preparing slides for a technical presentation about the topic;
  • giving a 30 minute slide presentation;
  • answering technical questions after the presentation.

For passing the course, it is mandatory to attend all presentations and actively participate in the discussions. A term paper ("Ausarbeitung") is not required.