Tutorial: Multicore Software Engineering

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    Victor Pankratius, Walter F. Tichy, Jeff Gallagher 

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author={Victor Pankratius, Walter F. Tichy, Jeff Gallagher},
title={Tutorial: Multicore Software Engineering},
abstract={Due to stagnating clock rates, future increases in processor performance will have to come from parallelism. Inexpensive multicore processors with several cores on a chip become standard in PCs, laptops, servers, and embedded devices manycore chips with hundreds of processors on a single chip are predicted. Software engineers are now asked to write parallel applications of all sorts, and need to quickly grasp the relevant aspects of general-purpose parallel programming this tutorial prepares them for this challenge.The first part presents state-of-the-art concepts and techniques in multicore software engineering, such as basics of parallel programming, programming models, design patterns for parallelism, parallelism in modern programming languages, and testing and debugging techniques for multicore. Experience reports on the parallelization of realworld applications with over hundred thousand lines of code are used for illustration. Current research topics are addressed.The second part consists of hands-on exercises. Intel will sponsor 16 laptops with pre-installed environments and professional tools for multicore performance monitoring and debugging. Participants will work in groups of 2-3 people and apply the concepts taught in the first part by learning about important software tools and using them to examine and modify provided sample code that is specifically designed to illustrate important parallelism implementations.},
organization={International Conference on Software Engineering},
address={Vancouver, Canada},