Bewertung, Verbesserung und Unterstützung leichtgewichtiger Softwareprozesse


One objective of this project is the comparison of the programming techniques of lightweight software processes with the programming methods of conventional processes. Thereby, the main focus is on pair programming and test-driven development. Another objective adresses the possible improvement of these programming methods. We suggest the devision of pair programming into a separate design and implementation phase. We want to evaluate, in how far processing of these phases by a single developer or by a developer pair is worthwhile. A third objective concerns the tool support for lightweight processes. On the one hand a tool for the visualization of test quality criteria is proposed. On the other hand a tool for the economic evaluation of extreme programming projects shall be implemented.

The project is sponsored by the German Research Foundation (Deutsch Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG): project "Leicht", Ti 264/8-1