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Game Programming and XNA in Software Engineering Education

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    Oliver Denninger, Jochen Schimmel 

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author={Oliver Denninger, Jochen Schimmel},
title={Game Programming and XNA in Software Engineering Education},
booktitle={Proceedings of Computer Games and Allied Technology (CGAT08)},
abstract={Game programming can help students gain practical experience with software engineering. Game programming covers a wide range of software engineering topics – including algorithms, data structures, team work, and software tools. Unfortunately, game programming usually involves many repetitive and time consuming tasks such as accessing hardware resources and managing game content. In this paper we present our experiences utilizing game programming for project courses. We discuss two conceptually different game project courses along with the results. The XNA framework relieves programmers from many of the tedious tasks mentioned, allowing them to develop a feature complete game and to gain experience with the process of software development. Students were so fascinated by the subject that they spent more time on the courses than required.},
note={to appear},