An Experimentation Laboratory for the Automatic Parallelization of Programs written in the R Language (ALCHEMY)

  • Typ:Masterarbeit
  • Datum:25.11.2011
  • Betreuung:

    Dr. Ing. Frank Padberg

  • Bearbeitung:Michael Mirold (Universität des Saarlandes)
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  • The R language is being widely used in fields such as bioinformatics and statistics, where it is common to process large data sets. R does not exploit the speed-up that may be gained from current multicore processors. In this thesis, I present the conception, the design, and the realization of the ALCHEMY parallelization laboratory and its integration into the R runtime environment.

    I introduce the concept of Transmutators, small software components that apply transformations to an AST-based intermediate language called AIR, which is speci cally designed to facilitate analysis and code transformation.